Privacy Policy

Before using KaKaaKi you are required to acquaint yourself with the Terms of Use (“Terms”) and this Privacy Policy (“Policy”). The Policy forms an integral part of the Terms and all definitions and names shall have the respective meaning defined therein. By downloading, installing, using or otherwise accessing KaKaaKi, you are expressing your acceptance and willingness to be bound by the Terms, including the Policy. You may not use KaKaaKi if you don't accept the Terms. You may use a basic version of KaKaaKi also without signing up. In such case, no Personal Data is collected or processed. However, if you want to access some account-based features of KaKaaKi, like e.g. server synchronization or bank account synchronization you have to sign up and your Personal data is going to be processed. In order to be able to use KaKaaKi, you are required to confirm your acceptance of the Terms, including this Policy.

Personal data processing

You agree that your Personal Data, including your first name, last name, date of birth, sex, e-mail address, phone number, profile photo, personal financial information (incomes and expenses), language preference and location (collectively referred as “Personal Data”) may be processed by KaKaaKi s.r.o., with its registered office at Kathmandu, Nepal

The Provider is in the position of a personal data controller and has a registration by the Office for Personal Data Protection.

In case you use the bank account synchronization feature of KaKaaKi, you also agree that Provider as a personal data controller may additionally process your on-line banking credentials, bank account transaction details such as amount, description, note, date and currency and bank account details such as account number, account name, balance, currency and type of account (also collectively referred as “Personal Data”), and that the whole scope of Personal data may be collected and processed on behalf of Provider by IMPACT IT. By using the bank account synchronization feature of KaKaaKi you furthermore agree that except your on-line banking credentials may IMPACT IT process your Personal Data collected for Provider also as a separate personal data controller for its own purposes under its own privacy policy , which you therefore accept in full.

You agree that you provide all your Personal Data voluntarily. However, provision of Personal Data is required for signing up and proper functioning of some of the KaKaaKi features and related services. Mandatory fields in the sign up form are marked.

You agree to provide accurate, truthful and current Personal Data and keep it up to date.

Purpose of the processing

The purpose of processing of your Personal Data under this Policy lies mainly in setting up and keeping your KaKaaKi account and ensuring features like e.g. server synchronization, bank account synchronization (authentication, aggregation of bank account data and its analysis, interpretation and categorization) or sharing your content with other users based on your decision. However, Provider may also process your Personal Data to communicate with you, extract anonymous data, provide you with personalized financial advice or commercial offers, for marketing and advertising purposes or in order to improve your experience and further develop KaKaaKi.

Term of the processing

Personal Data is being processed under this Policy while you use the KaKaaKi account and until your consent to the processing is withdrawn and the account deleted.

Transfers and disclosures

Your Personal Data may always be processed for Provider by third parties, however only for the purposes specified in this Policy, on a basis of written agreement and under statutory and legal conditions.

Provider does not transfer or disclose your Personal Data to third parties other than appointed data processors, unless you have agreed otherwise under this Policy or except as required by the applicable laws.

In case you use the bank synchronization feature of KaKaaKi to connect to bank account maintained by financial institution based in Kathmandu, you agree that Provider may provide your pseudonymized Personal Data, limited to an artificial identifier (pseudonym) and bank account transactions details. Sharing your Personal Data with other users of KaKaaKi is completely under your control.

Information, correction and deletion

You hereby acknowledge that you are entitled to withdraw your consent to the processing of your Personal Data at any time, you have the right to access, correct or discard your Personal Data or remove them if misleading. Furthermore, you are entitled to contact the Provider in writing with any complaint concerning the processing of your Personal Data and, in case of dissatisfaction with the answer, consult the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Czech Republic.

Your consent to the processing of your Personal Data may only be withdrawn by sending a written notice to the address of the Provider. If your consent to Personal Data processing is withdrawn, the Provider will delete your KaKaaKi account with the consequences set out in the Terms.

Communication and Offers

You hereby agree that the Provider may use the Personal Data provided by you to send commercial offers and communication with respect to KaKaaKi, related services or services of business partners associated with the Provider.

Payment information and on-line banking credentials

When you make purchases through KaKaaKi, your credit card information and other data are not collected and stored by Provider, but only third party payment processors.

In case you use the bank account synchronization feature of KaKaaKi, your on-line banking credentials are by default used only upon your manual entry and are not stored by Provider as integrated third-party service. However, if you use the bank account synchronization feature of KaKaaKi to connect to bank account maintained by financial institution based in Kathmandu, you can voluntarily choose to have your credentials stored by KaKaaKi.


Some of the KaKaaKi features may access and collect your current location data, including GPS coordinates or other similar information regarding the location of your device. Some features of KaKaaKi may not function properly if use of location data is blocked or disabled.

Facebook Login

You may also sign up for KaKaaKi with your personal Facebook account. In that case, you shall give Provider all the requested permissions to collect your Personal Data. You agree that the Provider may process your Personal Data obtained from Facebook.

Technical and Anonymous Data

You hereby agree that Provider may collect and use technical data, including but not limited to information about your mobile device and system, Internet connection or your use of KaKaaKi application. The purpose of the collection of technical data is to ensure quality, increase your comfort and further analyse and develop KaKaaKi and related services.

You also agree that Provider may anonymize your Personal Data, where possible, and use the anonymous data at its sole discretion for any purpose, particularly for creating anonymous analyses and statistics.

Both, technical and anonymous data is stored separately from the Personal Data and cannot be linked back to you in any way in order to identify you.

You acknowledge that the anonymous data may be disclosed or sold to third parties, including outside the territory of the European Union.

Data security

Your Personal Data is stored and processed automatically in the electronic form on the secure servers with firewall protection and physical security measures. All servers, where Provider or appointed data processors process Personal Data under this Policy, are located exclusively within the European Union and Provider has to comply with its high data protection standards.

However, you agree that in the future Provider may decide to transfer your Personal Data abroad, including outside the territory of the European Union.

Your Personal Data is always transferred from you or your on-line banking server to the data processing servers using secure SSL connections.

You acknowledge, that even Provider, KaKaaKi and other integrated third-party services use all standard security measures, the security of your Personal Data and other information can't be guaranteed.

Contact information

If you have any queries relating to the protection and security of your data, please contact Provider at